Our factory, our equipments

The company is divided into two sections: On a covered surface of 1000 m² the mechanical constructions are carried out, and on the other 1000 m² we have a modern and well- equipped machining area for refurbishing of grinding machines and honing machines for bearing and automotive industry. All machines, overhauled and transformed, can be equipped with the latest electronic systems, such as NC, digital and PLC controls of the main manufacturers, and provide specific functional software, developed on the base of a long experience in the field of special machines.


Quality tests are of basic importance for S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. These tests are carried out on parts machined by the machines, to assure a full compliance with the required features. On all machines, machining tests are carried out, with the corresponding capability tests, at the top quality levels. To perform these tests, S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. Created some years ago a metrology room, with a controlled temperature, and measurement equipment by RANK TAYLOR HOBSON, to test the basic parameters of the pieces machined by the overhauled machines.