Who we are

S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. is a subsidiary of O.ERRE.PI., company that has been working for more than thirty years in the field of tooling and special machine tool. For 10 years (since 2003) S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. has been working in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Since 2013,  the company has expanded its activities in the field of refurbishment of grinding machines and honing machines for the bearing and automotive industry. The company is constantly developing, we are dedicated to providing continuous training to our team members, finding the best solutions to customer problems and providing the best services.

What we do

The products/ services S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. offers to the customers are the following:
- overhauling and transformation of grinding machines and honing machines for bearing and automotive industry;
- manufacturing of mechanical parts according to customer's design.

The company’s structure

Through its commercial service, S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. defines the details of the customer’s requirements. This information is transmitted to the functions of the company involved, so that we can offer the optimal solution to the customer.
S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. pays much attention to the planning activity, reffering to mechanical constructions, refurbishing and transforming of the machines. All planning activities are performed inside the company. Investments are made continuously for staff training and the latest IT equipment.