Who we are

S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. is a subsidiary of O.ERRE.PI., company that has been working for more than thirty years in the field of tooling and special machine tool.
For 10 years (since 2003) S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. has been working in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Since 2013,  the company has expanded its activities in the field of refurbishing of grinding machines and honing machines for bearing and automotive industry. The company in continuously developing, we are concerned about the permanent training of our team members, finding the best solutions to customer problems and providing the best services.

What we do

The products/ services S.C. FASTEM S.R.L. offers to the customers are the following:
- overhauling and transformation of grinding machines and honing machines for bearing and automotive industry;
- manufacturing of mechanical parts to customer’s design.

What are the advantages of refurbishing and overhauling:

  • A higher productivity of the existing machine
  • Keeping up with today’s ever changing technology, but less expensive than a new acquisition
  • Replacement of parts that cannot or only with difficulty be obtained
  • New drive/control equipment that makes your machine more flexible
  • Little/ no expenses for re- training of operators
  • Higher comfort in terms of operation and programming
  • Adaptation to current legal standards(e.g. industrial safety)
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You need our help if:

  • Your machine encounters difficulties keeping up with your production levels ( new or changing production requirements)
  • Your machine is not able anymore to hold the required tolerances that precision grinding requires
  • You need new drive/control equipment
  • You need effective energy-saving measures
  • You need machine performance enhancement
  • You want upgrading and modernization of control systems
  • You need modifications on the machine for special applications
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News / Announcements:

  • January 21, 2014

    We launched our website www.fastem.ro

    We will try to keep you up to date with all the projects and actions. Obviously, you can contact us directly from the site if you have any questions or suggestions.

European Standard UNI EN ISO 9001

A further warranty we offer to our customers is the certification of the company’s quality system, according to the European Standard UNI EN ISO 9001.